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Every insertion order has a details page If you are already logged in to AWSOM, this is the page you will be brought to when you click the link in your Insertion Order email. View here all details required to book this insertion order in your paper.  The lines are Copy/paste friendly if you wish to transfer this information into your local booking software

At the top of the window is a link to download a PDF version of the Insertion Order, if you wish

The Download Material button also available from this window. Note this button will be greyed out if material is not yet available

Acknowledging Insertions

The Acknowledge Insertion Order button will log into the system that you have seen this order, read these details and accepted this insertion into your newspaper. This will replace the need to sign and fax back your run list each week If, by deadline, there are orders that you have not Acknowledged, you will get a “Run List Reminder”

Details Logged

The details that appear at the bottom of the window will list when insertion order was booked, when emailed, when acknowledged and by whom. They help track revisions and confirmations. Because this list also tracks AWSOM user, you might want to have us create more accounts for you for better detail tracking. We’ll be happy to help you customize your access to AWSOM. Just ask!
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